FSI ProGreen® Environmental Solutions

Storage Tank Cleaning

Turnkey tank cleaning, non entry, degassing of tanks and vacuum trucks. Heavy solids & sludge tank bottom removal services.

Industrial Degassing

FSI uses unique technology and procedures to manage high concentrations of vapors from storage tanks, pipelines and other applications.

Pipe Cleaning  Services

State-of-the-art technology can enhance your pipe maintenance setting with a safer, more efficient procedure completing the pipe cleaning in less time.

EPC Process Containment

The EPC provides a safe, easy and clean answer to challenging line draining procedures. Check it out.

Carbon Recycling & Cogeneration

Converting waste to useful energy is always desirable, providing the process is cost effective and provides for a true return on investment (ROI).

Environmental Remediation

The safe & more cost efficient than most current methods, using portable equipment with a minimum footprint.

ProGreen Vacuum Truck 1

ProGreen®  Vacuum Truck

Vacuum Truck with built-in Air Pollution Control! VOC Destruction Rate Efficiency (DRE) Greater than 99%.  ProGreen® systems are designed to use 100% of the BTU value of the process stream processing higher VOC concentrations per cubic foot.

refinery workers in plant

FSI Service Advantages

No Carbon No Disposal Cost – Simultaneously cleaning & vapor removal – Uses same equipment for tank bottoms – Waste vapors used to run FSI equipment – Reduced overall risk to employee’s


Non-Entry Tank Services

FSI uses non-entry technology to eliminate or reduce the risk of manpower. This process includes the simultaneous cleaning and degassing for shorter project durations.

Providing Technology and Services Worldwide

Kinder Morgan
BP Oil
Oxy Chemical

Unique technology and procedures to manage high concentrations of VOC vapors resulting in superior air pollution control.
FSI/RSI uses IC Engine (internal combustion) technology to address a multitude of environmental applications.
Technology uses 100% of process vapor as primary fuel source while exceeding state mandates for VOC destruction/control.
ProGreen® is safer, cleaner and sustainable. No open flame or carbon media, over 30 years of combined company experience. 

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